It’s Time To Stop Hating Spotify

Copy of Podcast Logo [Netflix Red Cloud] (1)In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk with David McMillin, the lead singer of Fort Frances and author of a recent essay on Pop Matters called “Why Its Time To Stop Hating Spotify.” In the piece, McMilion adds an indie musician's perspective to the royalty payout discussion and floats the idea that maybe Spotify isn’t managed by crazy people. We talk to McMillion his essay, Spotify, Tidal, and much more.

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Kyle Bylin is a user researcher at SoundHound Inc. and author of Promised Land: Youth Culture, Disruptive Startups, and the Social Music Revolution.

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  1. Aside from the nearly limitless reasons to have harsh opinions about Spotify, perhaps this is the biggest.
    On Spotify people listen to the same songs over and over and over again. Three of their top five songs have remained there for over six months. This according to an add I see everyday on a competing blog.
    Most people are highly unadventurous when it comes to selecting music. Without curated discovery we will end up with fewer and fewer interesting stars.

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