Music Production: Accessibility, Experimentation in the Bedroom

Music-productionThe digital age has allowed us to explore new heights in how we create music. But have we become so jaded and bombarded with new music that is becomes too much? Check out today's article where we explore the results of a D.I.Y music culture. 


It does not take a lot to make a great music album. Some of the best recordings in music history have been done on a limited budget and lack luster equipment. Thankfully today we have digital innovation on our side. Most aspiring artists can make studios in their bedrooms using a few ingenious tools. But what does this mean for the music industry? Do we embrace this culture where anyone can make great music or do we stick with conventional means? In today's article, Simon Davies shares with us his take on music's D.I.Y era. 

Davies points out the many benefits of recording at home. You have the ability to sample from many tracks to weave your own music tapestry without knowledge of using a guitar. However, with this ability comes consequences. What was once reserved for people who have talent can be used with anyone that has a laptop .What do you think? Do you believe that we should change how we record?  Let us know by reading Simon Davies' article on MusicThinkTank.com and let us know in the comments what you think. 

One of the advantages of living in our digital age is the technology that grants accessibility to all kinds of creative pursuits. This is particularly true when it comes to music production, because even if an individual isn’t inspired to learn an instrument, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy sequencing beats or reversing vocal samples.

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