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Music Publishing News Roundup: Bobby Braddock’s Memoir • Grooveshark Turns Heads • Spotify CEO Defends “Freemium”

8v9ok-hi_584_comment_bubblesIn this week's music publishing news, Bobby Braddock talks about his newest venture, writing a memoir about is life as a Nashville songwriter, Grooveshark makes a splash as it re-emerges in Sweeden, and Daniel Ek defends Spotify's "freemium" model in the wake of Taylor Swifts dramatic exit from the streaming service. 


Bobby Braddock worked on a new venture of writing a memoir about his life as a songwriter on Nashville’s historic and ever growing Music Row.  He has written huge hits from some big time artists such as Toby Keith and Blake Shelton and has established himself within a music scene that seems to be evergreen with a lot of history.

Grooveshark is re emerging in Sweden as a leading streaming service. Not only is Grooveshark surfacing in Sweden, but it is establishing its rapport and growing in countries such as Spain, Colombia, and Israel.  Even through the music industry’s efforts to bury Grooveshark away, somehow this streaming service keeps rising back.

Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO and Co-Founder, speaks up in regards to Taylor Swift and his ‘freemium’ business model for the next coming years in the digital age of the music industry.

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