Rock Out at Your Next Metal Festival With These Wearables

ImagesDo you ever wonder if you are bringing too much to festivals? Check out todays article to see what the essentials are for the festival circuit and how to keep things simple when you are rocking out. 


Music festival season is in full effect, which means good times for all. However, when you are spending multiple days at a time rocking out, logistics are difficult. For times like this, it is best to keep belongings down to the essentials. In today's article, Cherie Nelson gives amazing tips on how to make the bare essentials much more compact. 

Technology will be your best ally to make your festival experience more enjoyable. Your best bet would be to invest in small All-In-One devices that are small and are attachable (like a wristband). Versatile devices like this could pay for your tickets, tell you where all of the cool events are and pay for things without having to carry around a wallet. Besides, you should be saving all of your extra space for festival swag! Check out tips on simplifying your festival packing list by reading Cherie Nelson's article on MusicThinkTank.com

"Think you’ve rocked out as hard as you could at a Metallica concert? Think again. Imagine attending without your phone in your hand or being rewarded instantly for banging a little harder. Innovations like smartwatches, smart jewelry and communication apps have begun infiltrating music festivals. Now, they are way less Trekky than Google Glass, and they’re here for the long haul. Here’s how wearable tech will influence the evolution of metal festivals."

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