SoundCloud Imposes API Streaming Limits

SoundCloud_logo (2)As part of its moves to monetize the platform and properly compensate creators, SoundCloud has been making a series of changes – some of which have not been well received by users.


Starting July 1, SoundCloud will introduce streaming limits. Any track hosted on the service and delivered via its API will be limited to 15,000 streams per 24 hour period.

The change, says SoundCloud, is a reaction to "an increasing number of applications that abuse creator content," and will effect very few creators.  

Still the choice to penalize a track for getting too many plays, rather than cutting off improper uses, seems a curious choice. 

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  1. Those looking for an alternative should check out the UberStations music and radio search API at bit.ly/UberStations
    It has a much wider range of genres and songs but much less EDM.

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