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Taylor Swift Takes On Apple And Wins [COMIC]

game of thronesOver the weekend Taylor Swift took on Apple on behalf of all musicians, and she won. Announcing surrender overnight;  executive Eddie Cue announced to the multitude that Apple would open its massive vaults to pay artists and labels for streaming music during its 90 day free trials. 

Over at Joy Of Tech, Nitrozac and Snaggy drew their interpretation of the epic battle. 

The Joy of Tech comic… Taylor takes on Big Tim


Joy of

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  1. Does it matter that much? Apple and the major labels are still screwing everyone.
    What is the rate? What are majors getting that indies and artists are not getting?

  2. It’s a step in the right direction.
    Thank you to Taylor Swift and everyone else who protested.
    However, this is only a start.
    The pay-out rates are till way too low.
    FIrst, piracy has to be seriously fought; this will enable pricing to work at fair rates.
    Then, there should be a statutory (fixed) rate for streaming plays, not a free-floating ridiculous “depends on what we made from advertisers and subscribers” fractional rate.
    Music is the electricity which powers these companies, and the rate charged for electricity does not vary depending on how well the company did in any given month.

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