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Top Tech Writers Review Apple Music: “Handsome… Robust… Complicated” [+ A Video Tour]

Apple-music2Several tech writers were given a 1 day trial of Apple Music yesterday and overnight their reviews started to trickle. While generally positive, there were some real concerns that could slow mainstream adoption


Here is what several tech critics who were given an advance look at Apple Music has to say:

USA Today, Edward C. Baig

"After a day's listen, I can't tell how readily listeners will agree to pay."

re/code, Walt Mossberg

Apple-logo"Apple has built a handsome, robust app and service that goes well beyond just offering a huge catalog of music by providing many ways to discover and group music for a very wide range of tastes and moods.

But it’s also uncharacteristically complicated by Apple standards… It will take time to learn it. And that’s not something you’re going to want to do if all you’re looking for is to lean back and listen."

Mashable, Christina Warren

"Will it replace Spotify for diehard subscribers? That’s a more complicated question… 

For now, however, the For Me section alone has made me excited about music for the first time in a long time."

A video tour:


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