What Apple Music Will Mean To Artists

apple musicEventually the current battle with Apple Music will be settled, and most artists and labels will sign on. When they do and Apple Music launches next week, it is a potential game changer, thanks to Apple's massive reach.


 Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski from the Music 3.0 Blog

Here's a nice infographic from TakeLessons.com shows the potential of Apple Music. It's just a little outdated in that Spotify's numbers are now much larger (75 million subscribers of which 20 million are paid). Also keep in mind that the royalty rates at the bottom of the page can be a bit deceiving in that they're only averages.

It's difficult to determine the exactly rate per stream because it's different in each country, is different for different tiers, and in some cases, even based upon the market share that the artist has.

image from takelessons.com

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  1. Well, you only sign with Apple Music if you don’t want to sell iTunes downloads.
    And I don’t know anybody who could survive without selling dl’s.

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