10 Common Mistakes Young Music Professionals Make

A ore you a fresh young entrepreneur just starting out in the music industry? Here are some useful tips that can help you to avoid some of the typical blunders newcomers to the business make.


As with in any competitive industry, the music business can be challenging for young professionals who are new on the scene. This article by Sari Delmar on MusicThinkTank.com gives readers some valuable advice on how to avoid several of the trials and tribulations a young music entrepreneur is likely to encounter in the early stages of their career and offers a range of tips, from embracing contracts to how to conduct one's self when dealing with business associates.

"It’s common with young people I see to either overvalue themselves or undervalue themselves. It is hard to truly and honestly know your value when you walk in to every new room or meeting. Your value is something that is going to change constantly as well, so you have to always be watching the sliding scale as it tips and swerves. Be very aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Understand your abilities and how they apply to different situations."

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