13 Different Warped Tour Merch Promotion Tactics [Kosha Dillz]

5_band-merch-shirt-400When it comes to Warped Tour, there's quite a bit of competition for fans' merch dollars. Here are a few artists who are setting themselves apart from the crowd with attention getting marketing techniques.


Guest Post by Kosha Dillz

As your acclaimed warped tour participant and writer, I want to let you know about some amazing tactics some people are using to promote their brand and sell merchandise. Being that I am on the tour and doing the same thing, I will also include one of my awesome techniques that is increasing merchandise sales and photo opportunities.  

1. MC Lars – The Gold Chain Picture

Imagine the most educated rapper who constructs visuals from video games and Edgar Allen Poe as well as giving rap lessons on the tour. After his show he goes to his merch booth and lets people take pictures with his signature gold chain attached to his gold Legend of Zelda cartridge. After they feel like gold from his golden show, they can use some of their "gold" to buy his merch. 

2. Koo Koo Kanga Roo – The Fanny Pack Song

This is a 6'3" plus duo singing in children outfits playing adult shows. Imagine Adult Swim's newest best friend mixed with Yo Gabba Gabba and you have Koo Koo Kanga Roo. They sing songs about actions and items as spelled out for children. "shake shake shake" and "poop" or "the fanny pack song". If you go to the merchandise booth after their show. They also sign Fanny Packs for you.  If you want great fanny pack branding, these guys are for you. 

3. NeW BeAt FuNd – Temp Tattoos  

NBF is the Red Bull Records reggae vibe rock outfit that are just cool as hell and have great presentation. Not everyone wants a sticker. They have them from 30 other bands guaranteed. Temp Tattoos are lasting just as long, and their style is way doper when the options are available. 

4. Riff Raff  – The Inflatable Head Merch Tent 

Besides a crazy show with all kinds of antics…Riff Raff has an inflatable head that is on his merchandise booth.  If you can't see Riff Raff and his booth, just look for his inflatable head. It is as ridiculous as it sounds while reading this.


5. Palisades – The Sad Trap  

The great graphic designs of the group and collective push has gotten them huge lines for their music and tons of people wearing their merch. They are for sure the fashion people of the tour. Their stuff is like a street wear brand, as well as screamo, EDM and hip hop on the Kevin Says Rock Stage. 

6. The Kenneths – Punk Rock 

The Kenneths are band from the UK that bring straight punk rock vibes and black n white colors to the greatness of what Warped tour really is. They have raw music thrashing and punk rock. Their black and white shirts are classic. They spray painted their booth in white as the last punk rock. 

7.  Kosha Dillz – Hebrew Warped Tour Shirt

With branding a name that people think is a pickle company in some area, having the "1st ever Hebrew Shirt" helps people make a decision that creates part of Warped Tour history alongside getting the music for free with a T-shirt. We brand as "the jewish rapper." 

8 Candy Hearts – Drake Shirt 

What awesomeness can come for the love of this female led group that draws on their and thighs. It is pretty epic and keeps the promo around all over warped tour.


9 Atilla – Suck My F#ck! 

What better way to promote your brand than by having a shirt that makes no sense but absolutely perfect sense. This is what warped tour is all about. If I had a shirt that said I love pickles…i'd be huge…literally. 

10. Born Cages – Lollipops 

How cool is it to have your own lollipop? Well these guys have them. The indie rock jamming trio has awesome life in them. They are different and they stick out with lollipops. It is not the typical way to do it…but, for sure, it is the way for these Brooklyn boys to stick out. They also have vinyl as well. 

11. Major League – Merch Babe

Well the girl in merch is a complete babe and she has a mega phone. I don't know the band but I hear them all the time because of the jokes. That helps in general…and also sticks out when she is funny as hell. A girl with her own personality, helps the actual point of selling merch 🙂 Keep on point with the best of the best in smiling and multi-colored hair. 

12. Mod Sun -  Smiley Faces

Extra credit for the merch booth for having a merch girl who can cut tee shirts that are big into a tank top .This makes extra money and creates something cut in a fashionable sense. They also have fans to keep you cool that have smiley faces on them. These are classic and are awesome for people to put in the air. Imagine 200 smiley faces in the air at each stop.

13. The Alvarez Kings – British Flag

There is an infatuation with British men and young American girls. They think the accent is attractive and special, and it is!  Describe yourself without even speaking. The British flag waiving helps brand the Kings, who could be confused with a spanish gang in some areas, rather than a British indie pop outfit 

Well there you have it DIY world! Come see these bands at the remaining dates if possible. Check www.vanswarpedtour.com for show dates on your area and tweet at @koshadillz if you want to work your way on to a guest list of some sort…I can figure out if there is space somewhere. 

Kosha Dillz is a rapper on all Vans Warped Tour that freestyles at every show and performs with @flexmathews and @jtlbaby as the drummer. He is good friends with all beatport stage artists and also got into Canada for the first time since the age of 19. He recently spent 50 dollars in Verizon data in Toronto by posting one instagram photo. He can be reached at rapperfriends@gmail.com and can be found at the rest of Warped Tour. (www.vanswarpedtour.com for dates)

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