4 Years Of Impressive Snapchat Growth Compared To Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

snapchatFacebook, Twitter and Instagram. Successful social media grow exponentially.  But in many ways, Snapchat is on a trajectory all its own, as this infographic shows.


"Judging by active users and daily growth, Snapchat’s 4-year growth is impressive. That being said, it’s also important to note that the app was released at a time when most Internet users were already familiar with social sharing," according to WebPageFX. "When Facebook was released, however, social media was a relatively new concept (even Myspace was only a year old!), and getting people to put personal information online was certainly much more challenging. This makes the fact that their number of monthly active users was almost 75% of what Snapchat’s is today seem pretty impressive."

image from webpagefxblog.webpagefx1.netdna-cdn.com
Created by WebpageFX

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