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5 Essential Apps To Follow And Understand Electronic Dance Music

edmElectronic Dance Music is one of the fastest growing music genres in music. Festivals draw over 32 million attendees a year in the US alone, and EDM is at the center of it all. It’s not just the music though; it’s a culture that extends beyond the music itself.


Here are 5 essentials apps that are great for someone who wants to get to know what all the EDM hype is about. 

Ra appThe Resident Advisor Guideby accessing it’s database of over 1 million artists, venues, and event listings from over 120 countries, the RA Guide can show you exactly what clubs and events are near you to attend. You can even buy tickets in-app.

Basically, it’s the definitive guide for finding the world’s best parties and EDM events.

 Electro ShackAn app that keeps you up-to-date with what’s going on in the EDM scene. It gives you an easy to read feed from the biggest and best EDM sources then organizes them into easy-to-read channels that you can browse in-app. 

Beatwave: An app that lets you create your own EDM music straight off your phone. It functions similarly to some of the premiere music production programs like Ableton and FL Studio, but uses an interface that's easy to use even for people who have no music background. 

Digitally Imported: An App that gives you access to thousands of EDM radio shows from around the world, as well over 50 channels of curated music from EDM genres like ‘House’ and ‘Techno’.

Crossfader: An app that makes you feel like a DJ. Mix music simply by tilting your phone. A super easy to use app so anyone can make music.


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