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5 Reasons Music Compilations Belong On Your Radar

1With the increased presence of "mood" playlists on streaming services like Spotify, musical compilations have been becoming more and more popular. These compilations could represent one of the best ways for an artist to gain notice in 2015.


Guest Post by Allison Pitts of The Orchard on The Daily Rind

Right now, compilations are more popular than ever before. Just open Spotify’s homepage and you will find a plethora of playlists including “Mellow Beats,” “Creativity Boost,” “The Indie Mix” along with hundreds of others to help get you through your day. How many times have you discovered new music through playlists like these? I know I have countless times.

The Orchard’s Compilations Team creates and releases a wide variety of albums throughout the year, spanning every genre imaginable that are sold and streamed through platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. With more and more labels signing up, our catalog is constantly growing. Here are the top 5 reasons why compilations should be high on your radar whether you’re a label or just looking to expand your musical horizons.

1. Gain Exposure For Your Artists (New and Old)

Compilation albums are a great opportunity for labels to spotlight artists they think should be receiving more recognition, whether this is a new artist that is about to blow up, or an overlooked veteran. Placing artists like these in a compilation album will expand their reach, exposing them to listeners who may not have noticed them otherwise.

2. Boost Catalog Visibility (and Track Sales)

Not only can compilations spotlight one artist, but they can also bring visibility to a label’s entire catalog, including those lesser-known gems. Adding a compilations component to a label’s music marketing strategy works as a sales boost for both their best-selling artists and their not so best-selling artists.

3. Facilitate Music Discovery

Can you think of a better way to discover new music? Think about it; you see an artist you like on a compilation, so you listen to the entire album and consequently have now been introduced to similar artists you didn’t even know existed. The benefits are obvious!

4. Find The Right Niche

Nearly every label’s catalog has that artist with a niche sound they are unsure how to market. Trust us when we say, there are people who want to hear it and we know who those people are. Whether it’s New Age, Classical or Hawaiian tunes, those songs can be placed into the perfect yoga, studying or meditation mixIt’s all about packaging a label’s music the right way so that listeners can find the music they are looking for and give your catalog a second listen!


5. Keep Up With The Trends

Compilations are everywhere. They are the present-day mixtape. If you’re not listening to them, you should be. If your artists aren’t on them, they need to be. In order to stay prevalent in this ever-changing industry, it is important to keep up with the trends, and the compilation album is a trend that is definitely here to stay.


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