Amp Up Your Production Value With YouTube Spaces

UnnamedWill YouTube see a return on its latest investment? In an effort to assist its creators in making original content with high production value, YouTube has begun opening resource centers to be used by its filmmakers, free of charge. 


Guest Post by Kevin McAdoo of The Orchard on The Daily Rind

Just like any business operation, the basic workings of YouTube come down to the concept of “give and take.” While YouTube is indeed a transcending, real-time platform for content creators to share their videos with millions of viewers internationally, the video sharing site would ultimately fade into oblivion if it wasn’t for the creators providing engaging content.

As other platforms are attempting to compete in the video-sharing industry, YouTube understands more than ever the value of unique, interesting content. Through YouTube Spaces, YouTube has opened resource centers all over the world where channel creators can not only record and edit their videos, but also learn how to better their craft. Using these facilities is essentially FREE and allows creators to maintain creative control and monetization rights. Currently, there are YouTube Spaces in New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, São Paulo, and most recently Berlin, which opened its doors this past May.

How it Works

To take advantage of YouTube Spaces, channel creators must pass a series of requirements (some of which differ depending on location). The core requirements include a minimum number of channel subscribers (i.e. The NY Space requires 5K subscribers, while LA requires 10K), that the creator is at least 18 years of age, that the creator complete an orientation, and that all videos produced at YouTube Spaces undergo a screening process to ensure that all YouTube Community Guidelines are met. Check out a detailed list of each location’s specific qualifications here: Los Angeles – London – Tokyo – New York – São Paulo – Berlin.

The Space

All of the locations have the usual Google-esque, cutting-edge technology, housed within characteristic buildings. For example, the New York space is located at Chelsea Market in the same space where the Oreo cookie was invented in 1912, while the Berlin location is connected to the MET Film School, a breeding ground for undiscovered talent. The spaces are complete with audio control rooms, multiple stages and dance rehearsal spaces for pre-production, and each location comes stocked with a variety of camera equipment (DSLR, Cinema, GoPro and SDI cameras), microphones, lighting accessories, sound boards, as well as a slew of editing equipment for post-production. You’ll also find kitchens, couches, conference rooms, and even full-functioning cafes for creators who need a well-deserved break from the creative outlet which YouTube has helped turn into a well-running reality.


Events and Workshops

YouTube recognizes that to increase views/subscribers, advertiser interest and revenue as a whole, content creation has to continue to grow and enhance. Consequently, YouTube Spaces provide channel creators with an array of seminars focusing on better production techniques, audience growth tactics, channel building exercises and advice on how to strengthen a channel’s brand. To foster the creator community and encourage communication between content creators, YouTube Spaces also host networking events and Happy Hours. This opens the door for potential collaborations which can lead to cross-promotion between channels, thus introducing collaborating creators to an untapped community of potential subscribers. For reference, here are some events that are happening at the New York and London Spaces.

YouTube has also been using this new-found real estate as a venue to stream live concerts and host other ventures. For example, YouTube worked with Interscope Records to kick off the “Interscope Launching” at the LA space. One of the more popular concerts took place back in 2013 and featured singer Robin Thicke with a special guest appearance by YouTube star, Jenna Marbles (a good cross-promotion tactic on YouTube’s part).

Expanded Branding Opportunities

Now that YouTube is promoting a tangible space to support creators in making content, it can potentially heighten the interest of brands that may have previously been skeptical of YouTube’s advertising reach. With YouTube Spaces, brands can have a physical presence on creator content, while at the same time giving the creators new material to develop episode concepts. For instance, a promotional campaign was launched for the Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions’ movie,Terminator: Genisys, in which YouTube Space LA was provided with set pieces and props from the actual movie so that content creators could integrate them into their channel shows. In addition, to cultivate the relationship between brands and channel creators, YouTube Space LA has also established BrandLab which is an area of the space that allows brands to share and introduce their products with creators, stimulating brand incorporation amongst the YouTube creator community.

At the root of it all, YouTube’s belief is that their return on investment will outweigh the money spent to build and maintain these resource centers. By establishing YouTube Spaces, the company proves that it’s willing to “give a little” for the greater success of the platform.

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