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Apple Music Passes 10 Million Users In Less Than 1 Month And That Stat Means NOTHING

image from success or failure of Apple Music will signal both the speed at which consumers are shifting to paid music subscriptions, and the fate of its competitors.  Tim Cook has said that "millions and millions" are using the service. Now come our first, still very unofficial, stats.

Less than one month after the June 30th launch of Apple Music, the service has attracted 10 million subscribers, according to a a new report.  Old-school industry newsletter Hits Daily Double cites " inside sources at some of the major labels – who are bound by ironclad NDAs ."

Apple MusicThe report also claims that streaming stats for several "cutting-edge hip-hop titles" nearly equals Spotify’s. Several label execs are urging Apple to publicize the numbers, but so far Eddie Cue & Co. have resisted.

"Subscribers" is dubious moniker for Apple Music's initial users, all of whom are less than 30 days into a 90 day trial. How many continue to pay after the trial over will be the real number that matters; and could explain Apple's reluctance to declare victory just yet.

Expect a marketing major push for Apple Music beginning with the August 30th MTV Video Music Awards – 30 days before those 10 million free users start having to pay. 

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