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Apple Music Streams Just 4% Of Spotify’s, Says Indie Distributor

spotify vs appleSince Apple isn't sharing and any stats provided during a 90 day free trial would be suspect, we have no real idea how well Apple Music is doing.  Tim Cook says "millions and millions" and one report claims that 10 million have signed up for a free trial. But signing up and using Apple Music are two different things, as stats from one indie music distributor suggest.


Independent music digital distributor DashGo, monitoring activity for its artists, says that, so far, streams from  Apple Music are only 4% of what they see from Spotify.  If Apple Music does have 10 million users compared to Spotify's 75 million, you would expect Apple Music to at least generate 13% of what Spotify does.

Of course stats from a single digital distributor that specializes in more obscure releases certainly may not mean that Apple Music has no users.  Apple is marketing to the masses who are more interest in Taylor Swift than DashGo distributed tracks from actor Jason Schwartzman's musical project.

Bad News For Indie Music

“I think Beats One is very solid, and Taylor Swift is chalking up tens of millions of streams, but I don’t think the plays are trickling down as deeply,” DashGo CEO Ben Patterson told re/code.

If true, however, it suggests that streaming income for indie artist and labels may not expand significantly with Apple's entry.

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