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Average Spotify User Discovers 26 New Artists Every Month

Spotify-LogoAn official stat from Spotify buried in a press release announcing a partnership with SFX's Beatport and some basic math net a statistic that should make both independent artists and established record label executives smile.


"Two billion times every month, our listeners discover an artist they’ve never heard of through a Spotify playlist" according to  Ken Parks, Chief Content Officer, Spotify. We already know that Spotify has 75 million users.

Therefore, on average, a Spotify user discovers 26+ new artists every month.

The math:

2 billion new artist discoveries per month 

÷ 75 million Spotify users

26.66 average new discoveries per user

Of course, discovery, retention and monetization are all different problems.  But the sheer number of new artists discovered each month - compared, for example, to an era of Top 40 radio - shows the potential of music streaming to revolutionize, not just how we listen to music, but what we listen to, as well.

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