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BuzzAngle Music Takes On Billboard, Nielsen With Dynamic Daily Charts

Top 100What constitutes a hit used to be just about weekly airplay and sales; and for decades Nielsen/Billboard produced the only charts that mattered.  Now, upstart BuzzAngle Music is challenging both Billboard's chart supremacy and the frequency at which it measures data. 


BuzzAngle Music is aiming straight for the weekly Nielsen/Billboard with music charts that uses a proprietary architecture that they say stores data at a more granular level and on a more timely basis, providing daily updates.  

Rather than supply static weekly charts, Border City Media is providing a tool that produces charts according to the user's chosen selections – dynamic charts –  one for albums, one for songs and one for artists. There are over 230,000 different chart combinations possible for each week in the album and song charts, and over 400 chart combinations each week in the artist charts. 

Here is what the chart will look like when it launches later today:


We'll post the full dynamic charts when the go live this afternoon. 

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