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Get Free Registration To SXSW 2016 Via PanelPicker – Deadline July 24

image from www.noise11.comThe SXSW PanelPicker program is an opportunity to submit ideas for panels related to Interactive, Music, or Film. In addition, if you are interested in presenting a panel or workshop at SXSW, you will be given free registration to the SXSW conference.

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Panel submission tips:

• The PanelPicker process is very competitive (about one in six entries are chosen for the event). Try to put a lot of thought into your entry!
• Depth on a given topic is always better than width. Show focus on your topic, rather than listing all of the possible directions a panel could go.
• For more tips on what NOT to do with your PanelPicker entry, please read here.
• Despite the name “PanelPicker,” SXSW prefers solo presentations; fewer speakers usually make for a deeper, more detailed, more focused session.
• SXSW Interactive, Music, Film, and Edu are all accepting Panelpicker entries during the June 29 – July 24 timeline. You need to choose which conference you’d like to submit to. If your panel applies to more than one, chose the most relevant conference you believe it should be attached to.
• If you’re interested in speaking as part of SXstyle, please make sure to choose that track of programming in your application.

Registration for SXSW 2016 opens August 3.

The earlier you register for SXSW, the lower the price, and the better selection of hotel rooms to choose from. Be aware that most downtown hotel rooms for SXSW Interactive 2016 will sell out by the end of the day on August 3.

Submit your PanelPicker entry.

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