How A New Band With No Fanbase Can Start Building Local Buzz

Empty-venue-197x300For a band just starting out, building a substantial fanbase often proves to be quite a formidable task. This article outlines several highly applicable techniques that can help new bands gain traction and start networking early on.


For an artist, being the new kid on the block is always challenging. Even with various advances in communication technology and social media, being able to stand out from the crowd and be heard above the din has become, in many ways, increasingly difficult. Here, Dylan Welsh provides a range of advice on how to gain visibility and effectively form connections with others involved in the music industry.

Local radio hosts, news/blog writers, promoters, sound engineers, and club owners are all important parts of the equation, and are the kinds of people you want to get to know as soon as possible.Though it’s true that some of these people don’t have a lot of time for an artist who's just starting out, you’d be surprised at how friendly many of them are. Start by hunting for a radio DJ or blog writer that you really enjoy (even better if they focus on local talent), and reach out to them with a simple, professional, and friendly email”

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