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Hypebot Readers Split On Apple Music, Beats 1

image from www.hypebot.comLate last week, we asked our savvy Hypebot readers to vote and share what they thought of the new Apple Music service and Beats 1 online radio.  The results were mixed, though more favorable for Apple Music than Beats 1.  

Just under half of Hypebot readers said the liked Apple Music enough to keep paying $9.99 per month when their free trial ran out.  Another 1/3rd said "not bad," but they were not going to be switching after the free trial.

The results were more mixed for Beats 1. Just 37% loved it and would become regular listeners. 63% answered either "its not for me" or that the broadcast would "never find a significant audience."

Vote below and see more detailed results.

What do you think of Apple Music?

I like it and am fine with paying $9.99 a month.
Not bad, but I'm gone when my free trial is up.
I don't like it.

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What Do You Think Of Beats 1 Radio?

Love it! I'll be a regular listener.
Not bad, but it's not for me.
Beats 1 will never find a significant audience.

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