How To Get Your Music Featured On iTunes, Beatport

SAX101_Featured_Beatport_ProgHouseLooking to get your music featured on Beatport or iTunes? Here are some different rules and techniques to utilize that will help to draw increased attention to your music, whatever service it may be on.


As an increasing number of labels and artists seek to become producers as well, many are curious as to how they can get the music they are producing featured. This article by Jorge Brea on MusicThinkTank.com outlines some important practices to implement when working towards getting your music promoted, such as maintaining a comprehensive professional looking web presence and communicating effectively with those you're in business with.

 "Keep in mind that in an era of 140-character Tweets and information overload made possible by the rest of the Internet, our target market values simplicity and have a low tolerance for mistakes. Again, simplicity is a synonym for authenticity and is a core motivator of action, thus we recommend that you always treat your record label and/or music being released like a business and professional."

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