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image from www.hypebot.comIt's a Hypebot tradition to host a free online networking party several times a year. The music business slows down for the summer, but many of readers use the down time to plan and work on exciting projects.  We want to hear about about all of them. 

Recording a new record? Releasing a new app?  Planning a Fall launch?  

Just want to vent about how Apple Music just ate your mp3 collection?

In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what and or excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. 

Shameless plugs are allowed.

Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself…

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  1. What’s up guys? My name is Wes Fif out of Orlando. I am an indie artist as well as a CEO of my own imprint Byte Down. We focus on urban as well as electronic music. I am most known for my collaborations with B.O.B. (Haterz Everywhere) and Big Krit/Cyhi Da Prynce “Hometeam”. I have done countless shows and spot dates with major artists.
    I am gearing up to release a new project titled Wave Up later this month. Other than that I am a tech/app junky and heavily into all things music.
    I hope to connect with all of you!
    I’m on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook as WesFif

  2. Hi! My name is Christopher Bright and I’m a working musician in Southern California. In addition to teaching music lessons, I write and record music for an instrumental solo project called “Life Is My Soundtrack” (www.lifeismysoundtrack.com). I also enjoy collaborating on music with others, and work on film/tv projects from time to time.
    What excites me right now is music’s use in architecture (museums, galleries, stores, etc.) and technology (films, virtual reality, etc.).
    I’m excited to meet you guys! Make sure to post links so I can check out your stuff!

  3. Happy freakin’ Friday! Our team loves some HypeBot, thanks for doing what you do. 🙂
    Speaking of Apple Music & of the news that Facebook is talking to the big labels… We’re launching a platform for artists to live stream, chat with fans & build their brand — while monetizing studio time via subscriptions & donations. The industry is broken, labels suck & our frustration with all that is why we’re building a platform to serve as the new label & shake up the industry. Bringing TRUE patronage back!
    Good luck to all the amazing artists on here, that are putting in the time to learn the business, evolve and grow. That’s what it’s all about, here’s to the #FutureOfMusic!
    ***Email Landon@Lfo.audio for an invite to the platform & we’ll get you setup if you want. 🙂

  4. Hi all,
    My name is Lily Virginia and I’m an alternative singer/songwriter out here in Brooklyn. I’m currently working on releasing my 2nd album with a music video for each song (shot live during the recording session).
    You can check out my latest music video here: http://bit.ly/LoveYouMore_vid
    I’m trying to decide whether to hire a publicist to really help me get the word out about the upcoming releases and am working on finding a booking agent or manager to help as well. I’d really love to be playing a lot at CMJ with my band this year and finding a larger act to open for on tour. Thoughts? References? I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂
    Please connect with me on Twitter at @lilyvirginia or Instagram at @lilyvirginiamusic – I’d love to stay in touch!
    Have a great 4th of July weekend,

  5. Hey there. My name is Jonathan Burks, I’m a songwriter from Milwaukee, WI. Lately I’ve been enjoying making weirder remixes of my older, more straightforward tracks – unfolking them. I’ve also been having a lot of fun making quirky videos with Public Domain footage. You can check out the latest one I did for my Weekly Song Post here: http://www.jonburks.com

  6. Howdy, y’all, I’m Sumiko Sprinkle, brand new in the field. I write pop, rock, funk, country & blues. Aiming for tv & film placements as well as artist cuts eventually. I just finished up a great semester at Berklee Online studying songwriting with the fantastic Neil Diercks and am looking forward to putting my new skills to use. I’m based out of Arizona right now, but am headed to a music center near you within a few years! So if you wanna pimp me your city, please drop me a line. I’m also a big believer in collaboration, so if you like what you hear and want to work with me, hit me up! http://www.sumiko.org

  7. Hello to the Hypebot music community!
    Big thumbs up to Hypebot for having a great online publication that helps musicians and provides great insight into our community.
    My name is Constantine, a musician (My music site: http://music.co ) and entrepreneur.
    What is .MUSIC domain name extension – http://www.yourname.music
    My company is called .MUSIC. Our plan is to offer musicians a trusted, secure and validated domain name ending in .music i.e. http://www.name.music.
    We have been working on this initiative for nearly a decade. We have applied to ICANN, the governing body of the Internet, for the rights for the .music domain name (See http://music.us/what_is_dotmusic ).
    We are the first domain extension ever with safeguards that protects musicians rights and enforce copyright (See http://music.us/enhanced-safeguards ). Our initiative has support from music organizations representing over 95% of music consumed globally (See http://music.us/supporters ).
    Our competitors including Google and Amazon. While our initiative is governed by the global music community (See our expanding Board at http://music.us/board ).
    How the music community can beat Google and Amazon and win .MUSIC
    Next month we will be evaluated by ICANN/Economist. Our “community” application will win over Google, Amazon etc if we prove we have music-tailored policies and support from a majority of the global community defined. If we fail, then .music will be auctioned to the highest bidder (i.e. Google and Amazon will be frontrunners to win).
    What musicians can do to help our .MUSIC cause
    Fill in the ICANN form by following the quick instructions at http://music.us/comment to tell ICANN that .MUSIC serves the interests of musicians. Since we provide the talking points, it should only take less than a few minutes to submit. We have provided the talking points that you can copy and paste into the ICANN form to save you time.
    Thanks in advance and please connect with me!
    Constantine Roussos

  8. Greetings All! First of all I want to say that every since a forner DJ friend turned me on to this site I’ve been lovin it every since! Because where else can a DIY long time artist like mysel (and others) get the most up to date, comprehensive, and even entertaining news and valuable tips to help one tryin to make it on one’s on terms in the Music biz as this great site gives daily! That being said, My name is Michael Tyrone Boyd and I’m an artist with a Cause ! It’s a very serious cause.#ConserveAndSave Water! For those of you living in California where I did a lot of songwriting, singin, acting, and producing ..You already know about the historic drought and the issues related to it, but the drought is worldwide! You can learn more about it at http://www.creativeintelligentartist.com.That's my cause in spreading the word so that we can all do our part because none of us can live without water!
    Now as I am a longtime musical artist I have produced my Spirit Survivor CD of my Inspirirational/Spiritual songs that’s on Spotify and Apple’s iTunes where unfrtunately I’ve only earned fractions of pennies! My music appears as well as my many videos which you can see and hear by googling my name Michael Tyrone Boyd .as my music can be seen and heardon Fandalism.com ReverbNation, Beat100.com, and Sound Cloud amongst others as well as my Michael Tyrone Boyd YouTube channel. As an actor amongst my recoognizable role was under my stage name Michael Tavon featured as the character Thug 1 in Death Wish 2.I’ve also produced my own local cable access show called Spiritual Thinking with Michael Boyd that ran for 5 years through out California and beyond. Some of you may also remember me when I often appeared on the public access favorite Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show with David Liebe Hart.I can be contacted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also boydramses95@yahoo.com #ConserveAndSaveWater! Peace

  9. My name is Dan Menapace and I’m in a post rock? band called the Illogistical Resource Dept. Think of it as Primus and Rush bowling with Devo. Our latest album was just released on Aphagia Recordings and can be heard here.
    I write, record, mix and master all my sounds in my home studio.
    Thanks Hypebot for keeping me up to date on the music industry.

  10. My name is Paul Bordenkircher, and I’m launching a new software called SongNook. It’s designed for independent songwriters and publishers to keep track of all details related to their original works. We expect to launch our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo the end of July 2015.

  11. HELLO Hypebot community !
    We like Juke boxes.
    We like the old ones, for their fancy appearance and iconicness.
    We like the new big ones that can be found on the internet; mostly for their enormous coverage.
    However, we believe they are in lack of context, user friendliness and fun while exploring music !
    That’s why we are working on Soundvil.
    What about you? Don’t be shy to reach out and say HELLO@SOUNDVIL.COM
    Stay, tuned, your patience will be rewarded.
    -antwerp, belgium-

  12. Hello Hypebot.
    I have a vision to create a music movement against prejudice and hate. There is so much of it in the world and it frustrates me that we don’t seem to move on, and people are dying every day all over the world due to prejudice and hate.
    “Standing Together” is a song, video and music movement, the key themes being “Standing together, we can make a change”, and “You’re my neighbour, will you be my friend”.
    My inspiration for this (and last straw) were in Feb/Mar 2015 3 British school girls travelled to Syria to join up there. At this point I decided to relaunch / re-build my artist profile as I feel I have something that needs saying. I finished the song and video (amatuer) in April. The recent tragedies in Charleston, Tunisia and elsewhere in the Middle East merely emphasise the need for this movement.
    Any help / advice on how to take this forwards are appreciated.

  13. N’Rotation nrotationthedjmag.com is a online and tangible publication that provides coverage of DJs across all genres and platforms, as well as news focused on music and fashion trends, electronic gadgets, and music politics.
    Since its inception in 2013, N’Rotation reaches over 100,000 unique viewers each month globally. This is the link to our most recent issues http://bit.ly/DJstack.
    The magazine includes many notable DJ features and DJs performing live sets. We are focused on DJs who were not only influenced by Hip-Hop, but all genres. We want to give them their praise by devoting coverage to the ever changing music genre.
    We do artist features as well as highlight new content and interviews on our partnered blog site “The MacAttack” http://bit.ly/McAttackGotIt. Please submit your interest or material to nrotationthedjmag@gmail.com or igotcontent@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @n_Rotation, @igotcontent.
    Our CEO is Terrence Dawson @mpmg_boss and our Editor-in-Chief is Leslie Mac @alme214. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s share some music!

  14. Hello! My name is Steve Garvin and I record pop music as Each Heaven here in Chinatown, New York. The goal is transcendence via real substance, honesty, and effective songwriting. It’s a familiar yet new sound, a blend of acoustic instrumentation and synthesis like ghosts on the soundstage! You can hear it at https://soundcloud.com/eachheaven.
    If you’d like to use my music, collab, or be friends, shoot me a mail! eachheavenmusic@gmail.com
    and connect on twitter https://twitter.com/each_heaven
    and Insta https://instagram.com/each_heaven/
    Hope to hear from you!

  15. Talking about yourself is always interesting, there are so many pieces of us that make us who we are, so where do I start?
    Instead of myself, I will speak on my passion. While I am a music manager, and music means so much to me, words speak louder. The power of words can make someone fall in love, or despise you. I want to use the power of words, and action to help create more belief in others and wider smiles. I want to inspire everyone to push harder and believe in yourselves a little more. I am far from perfect at this as I struggle with these myself, but I recognize the importance. Until I have set my platform to continue with this, I will manage my artist Nöel. Nöel is a singer, and my best friend who I plan to make these changes with.
    I hope you take the time out to click the link and check out his own twist on R&B singing. We are here to grow and shake things up while we are it. Thank you all.
    My twitter: @PeroespapiJason
    Email: Jason.Barriuso@gmail.com

  16. What’s up y’all? John here.
    I run a digital strategy firm in Los Angeles. We help artists re-connect with their true fans using database strategies. Most bands don’t even have a database of their fans these days, so most of our work is pretty straightforward; helping bands build their contact lists and find out who really spends money on them. Clients include bands, solo artists, venues, filmmakers, comics, record labels and agencies.
    I recently started MusicMeetups.org for professionals to talk shop when they are NOT schlepping gear or unwinding after a show. We’re connecting pros across the country who are leading their local scenes and sharing ideas on how to make the independent, working-class music industry a better place for artists and fans.
    Web: http://JLilly.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/J_Lilly
    LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jlilly
    Music Meetups: http://musicmeetups.org

    My name is Christian and I am the Business Developer and Licensing Coordinator at DooWapp, a new music technology that lets you take your lyrics to a whole new level.
    We are in the current position of looking for artists that want to come and talk to us to see how this technology can benefit them, FOR FREE.
    We want to learn about this and want to give anyone interested an additional attractive tool to get noticed in the Far West of the Internet.
    Send me an email in private and I will run you through more details guys.

  18. Sounds great, Constantine … good luck with it all! Will be supporting that for sure.

  19. Hi, I’m a singersongwriter ( Catrin Hol https://soundcloud.com/catrinhol ) based in Cork, Ireland.
    I am passionate about supporting other independent artists and small indie labels, and am creating a website, ArtistsOwnMusic, to do this. It’s not ready for launch yet, but in the meantime you can subscribe to the ArtistsOwnMusic YouTube channel if you like the vibe:
    If you’d like to check out the music tastes of this channel, there are a couple of audio playlists that will give you the flavour:
    And if you’d like to contact me you can reach me via Facebook:
    Cheers! 🙂

  20. Quirky Bird Records is an independent music exploration company committed to excellence on a small budget. It’s a wildly adventurous endeavor aimed at showcasing those artists who are difficult to categorize. Dedicated to musical integrity, friendly content and cultural enrichment, Quirky Bird Records is creating a legacy of world-class artistry and original music.
    This is an open invitation to leave the confines of your musical Mason jar and run with the flightless fowl toward the light known as Quirky Bird Records.
    Adopt a mutt…MELODIOUS MUTT.

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