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Major Executive Shakeup At EDM Giant SFXE

image from www.celebrityaccess.comMuch like its founder Robert Sillerman, EDM giant SFX Entertainment has been constantly shifting and somewhat volatile since birth.  Now, just days before Sillerman is set to take the public SFXE private, there's been another shakeup in the company's upper management.

sillermanSFX Entertainment has. announced changes to their organizational structure, including some staffing changes and a new focus on regional independence. 

The first part of of SFXE's reconfiguration was the appointment of Greg Consiglio as President and CEO of Beatport, the global home of electronic music. Consiglio had been serving as President and COO of SFX Entertainment, and Sillerman said there are no plans to fill those positions. 

The move comes as Beatport launches a streaming music service as the world becomes less and less download oriented. 

“This year marks the evolution of the Beatport brand beyond Beatport Pro, our music store, to a platform that includes music streaming, original video production, festival live streaming and editorial coverage of all that is happening in the exploding Electronic Music Culture scene worldwide,” said Consiglio. 

SFX also announced that they have formulated a global steering committee comprised of Consiglio; Ritty Van Straalen, President and CEO of SFX Live; Richard Rosenstein, CFO of SFX; Kevin Arrix, EVP of Brand Partnerships for SFX, and a number of entrepreneurs whose businesses have been acquired by SFX. 

In addition, Wouter Tavecchio has been named CEO of SFX Europe. Jeroen Jansen, Creative Director of SFX Live North America, will relocate to Los Angeles where SFX also plans to consolidate several of its offices. 

“We are moving to a more distributed organizational structure,” Sillerman said. “We are pushing more of our operations to the local and regional levels around the world, as opposed to maintaining a corporate structure at the top.”

via Celebrity Access

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