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Merlin Releases 2015 Survey on Digital Music Growth

up arrowsAt A2IM’s annual meeting, Merlin CEO Charles Caldas presented Merlin’s 2015 Membership survey. The survey outlines how international Independent labels are crossing a digital tipping point. Some key findings:

  • image from www.hypebot.comFor the first time, more than half of respondents reported that digital income currently represents over 50% of their overall business revenues. For 1 in 3, it represents over 75% of their overall revenues. 
  • Streaming & subscription income is driving digital growth. 1 in 3 respondents reported that income from audio streaming & subscription services currently represents over 50% of their digital revenue. Up from 1 in 5 in 2014. Similarly, last year, almost half of respondents stated that streaming & subscriptions accounted for less than 25% of their digital revenue. In 2015, this was only the case for a quarter of respondents.
  • Total digital revenues increased for almost 75% of respondents. 17% reported total digital revenues increased by over 50%.
  • The majority of Merlin members report overall business growth. Despite a market in transition and a drop in a la carte download sales, 65.04% of respondents reported an increase in overall business revenues in 2014 (compared to 62.38% in 2013). 15.93% of respondents reported a decrease in overall 2014 business revenues (compared to 18.10% the previous year).

Via A2IM. Read more here.

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