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Music Publishing News Roundup 7.10.2015


It was an active week in music publishing. SESAC  acquired the Harry Fox Agency, new stats confirm YouTube's popularity as  a streaming music service,  and musicians used a petition to push Apple for more recognition.

Nashville based Performing Rights Organization SESAC has bought the Harry Fox Agency. Though the acquisition has yet to be approved by the NMPA membership, this new deal now allows for both mechanical and sync licensing to be combined after being treated separately in the music publishing world for many years. This finally transforms a once “complex, opaque and currently inefficient licensing regime” into a more straightforward process.

Youtube is currently the world’s most popular streaming service. Prevailing as a free service, the video giant has increased its market share of total on demand streams since the start of 2015 both in the US and the UK. Overshadowing its competing audio services, Youtube is the leading streaming service in both volume and growth, seeing a stream volume increase of 109.2% to 76.6 billion in the first half of this year.

A petition has been launched to display album credits on Apple Music. Bassist Jon Burr, the man behind the campaign, knows this will “be a burden” on Apple, but is aiming to create a “cultural shift” involving recognition for musicians, lyricists, engineers, and all those who contribute to the making of albums. Apple Music’s main competitors Spotify and Pandora also do not display album credits during streaming, meaning this could be an opportunity for Apple to continue as an ally to the creative community and be even more innovative in streaming.