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Musician App Creator Disciple Media Partners With BandPage

bandpageWith new app adoption slowing. does every artist really need his or her own mobile app?  If you are a super fan who wants as much of their favorite artist as they can get, you still think so; and if you're hoping to monetize a legion of fans, you might agree.


image from www.disciplemedia.comMusic tech startup Disciple Media has partnered with BandPage to create musician-specific mobile apps and campaigns that target their super fans. 

Disciple, which creates apps for creators and musicians like Luke Bryan, Rufus Wainwright and Simon Posford, will draw from and spread content to BandPage's partnerships which can reach over a billion music fans across multiple platforms including Spotify, Shazam, Rhapsody, VEVO, iHeartRadio, Rdio, Xbox Music (Groove) and LyricFind.

Campaigns will include targeted notifications through BandPage’s recently announced partnership with Rhapsody, as well as, other targeted communications like audio ads directly from musicians to fans and targeted emails.

“From our work with over 500,000 musicians, we have seen that rich experiential offers that help fans connect to their favourite musicians are the single greatest untapped revenue opportunity in the music business today,” said Doug Scott, VP of Marketing and Artist Relations at BandPage. “Every musician should have these types of offers in their BandPage Store and the mobile products produced by musicians using Disciple Media’s platform create excellent and highly relevant offers to target to their biggest fans.”

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