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NPR Exits Anti-Artist Mic Coalition

image from www.hypebot.comLast month, after Amazon exited the Google and Pandora backed anti-artist MIC Coalition,  pro-artist advocates set their sights on NPR. Why NPR "who artists have worked so closely with over the years, would be involved in a Coalition apparently so laser-focused on cutting artists’ pay?," asked MusicFirst

NPR has exited the Google and Pandora led anti-artist MIC Coalition. Last month Amazon left the coalition after concluding the group was ‘consumed’ with lowering payments to musicians. 

The MIC Coalition was founded by radio broadcasters, Google, Pandora and others who are fighting efforts to get artists and labels paid more when music is played. “If those rates are too high, Internet radio streaming could become unsustainable and those services could be driven out of business, ” according to the MIC Coalitions mission statement.


"We applaud NPR for its willingness to listen and engage in a dialogue with musicians’ advocates," musicFIRST Coalition Executive Director Ted Kalot said in a statement today. "And we commend NPR’s decision to leave the MIC Coalition, separating itself from both the Coalition and its anti-artist agenda.

“This is just the latest example of the rising power of music creators who have truly found their voice in the debate over making the music economy more just and more fair," he continued. 


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