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Indie Powerhouse Windish Agency Partners With Paradigm

image from[UPDATE] Tom Windish built his booking agency from nothing to a global powerhouse in 10 years, with clients including alt-J, Diplo, The War On Drugs and Lorde. But in a nod to an entertainment industry still driven by tv, film and big media, he's  joined forces with full service agency Paradigm.

Paradigm Talent Agency has announced that they have partnered with The Windish Agency. 

Paradigm-talent-agency-new-logoThe Windish Agency, which boasts an impressive roster of artists, joins forces with Paradigm and their partner agencies, AM Only and London-based CODA Music Agency, under the Paradigm Music Division. Together they represent a combined roster that includes such acclaimed artists as Aerosmith, alt-J, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, David Guetta, Diplo, Disclosure, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Phish, Skrillex, Tiësto, Toby Keith, and Zedd, to name a few. 

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Windish Agency head Tom Windish told Billboard that the deal was a partnership. 

“It’s a partnership.” As a proven success in artist development with a robust roster of acts active at festivals and hard ticket shows, Windish Agency has long been believed to be ripe for acquisition, but, “it really has nothing to do about money with me,” Windish told Billboard's Ray Waddell. “I don’t have big plans to go on vacation or something. It’s more about who do I want to pair up with that can help my clients and the people that work at my company get to places they’ve never been before and they want to be.” 

Chip Hooper, head of the Paradigm Music Division, added, “Whether hiring employees or forming partnerships we have always been unwaveringly committed to working with the most talented and creative people, and most importantly, with people who share similar goals and those with impeccable character. After spending quite a bit of time getting to know Tom and his staff, it became clear this partnership makes perfect sense for everyone." 

Sam Gores, Chairman and CEO of Paradigm, added, “The common thread in building Paradigm Music has been to invest in strong, visionary leaders who are universally respected by their peers and committed to building careers the right way. From the moment I met Tom Windish I was impressed with his business acumen, integrity, leadership, taste, and unique way of thinking. Over the years Paradigm has established a pattern of successful partnerships that together have formed a unified culture that I am proud of.”  - via Celebrity Access

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