21,000+ Sign Petition Calling For Musician Credits On Apple Music [SIGN ON HERE]

image from www.bdonline.co.ukThere are two main reasons we should all demand full credits be published on Apple Music and all digital services.: 1) its only fair that musicians, producers and others get credit 2) it deepens our knowledge of and increases our connection to the music.

"Show the Album Credits on Apple Music!" reads the headline on a MoveOn.org petition posted just yesterday by bassist Jon Burr. As of mid-day on Monday, it had gathered more than 21,000 signatures. 

"Album credits are the lifeblood of musicians. Musicians need them to be displayed when their music is played.  Showing the headline artist and track title only anonymizes and minimizes the contributions of all the others involved and forecloses opportunity," reads the petition to be delivered to Apple CEO Tim Cook. "Please show the credits when music is played!"

"When this information is withheld,

our identity has been stolen."

Jon burr"We chose to target Apple at this time because the rollout of Apple Music is missing this category of information," Burr told Billboard. "Apple has shown a willingness to listen to feedback in the past, and is sensitive to their user base (which contains many of these same creatives). As the leader in technology and music marketing, if they set a trend, others may follow."

Signatures have been coming in from musicians and music fans globally. "We want to know who's playing the music we're hearing, who produced it, who arranged it, where it was recorded and by whom," concluded the petition. "When this information is withheld, our identity has been stolen."

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  1. It’s only fair to show the credits as a way to demonstrate recognition for those who created the music!

  2. I’d love to sign this petition, as I completely agree with it, but I can’t as I live in Ireland where we don’t have zip codes! Usually I can just submit 0000 instead, but the widget won’t allow it. Not everyone in the world has zip codes y’know!

  3. This is very important for all musicians around the world!.So many songs that we don’t have access to know who’s playing it!…I totally agree with this petition!.Join us!!

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