Practical Legal Tips For Today’s Record Producer

Headphones-piano-music-for-adsAs the role of the record producer continues to evolve, there is some important legal information that should be kept in mind, particularly for those producers who are more involved with the composition of the music they produce.

With record producers now playing a larger and larger role in the creative composition of albums, it is more important than ever that these producers have a solid understanding of their claim to both the sound recording and composition copyrights of the music they produce before rushing to sign any contracts. This article by Wallace Collins on MusicThinkTank.com provides some useful legal advice on how these producers should proceed in order to avoid being manipulated by others in the industry.

"Producers now sometimes not only help capture the sound in the studio and use the available technology to mold the sound to be as commercially acceptable as possible, but more and more producers are finding and discovering new talent and developing the artist’s sound and even, in some cases, collaborating on the artist’s sound as well as co-writing the songs."

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