Sony Music Tells Court It’s Not Their Job To Make Artists Money

image from www.hypebot.comSony Music is being sued by American Idol winners including Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and their label 19 Recordings who say that the company's equity stake in Spotify sells them short.  The music giant offered an interesting and, to artists, a rather damning defense.

justiceResponding to a lawsuit by distributed label 19 Recording and its artists including Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson over Sony's deal with Spotify, Sony Music said that it is not contractually required  "to structure its affairs in whatever way yields the greatest royalties for 19."

According to the plaintiffs, Sony , which has an equity take in Spotify has "significant power to exert control over Spotify in order to not only dictate how revenue will be paid, but wrongfully and in bad faith divert money from royalties that must be shared to other forms of revenue that they can keep for themselves."  

Sony says its their right to cut deals any way they want to.

Share Money From Lawsuit Wins With Artists?

Sony Says, No Way.

Artists also do not share when Sony or other major labels win a lawsuit against infringers,  like they did with Limewire. Again, Sony's responds with a legal "Who cares, we don't have to!"

"Because no royalty provision required SME to share settlement revenue recovered 'on a general or label basis,' SME was free 'to retain the full amount of any settlements such suits yield,"

Read the full complaint below via the Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Again, Sony’s responds with a legal “Who cares, we don’t have to!”
    Just like all the other corrupt, illegal, unethical and downright evil corporates that are ruining the lives of millions of people and destroying our country.
    They make their own laws while the government sits by doing nothing to stop it.

  2. Superstar artists must not renew contracts with any of the 3 major label. Up-and-coming artist must stop signing contracts with the 3 major labels. Get rid of the major labels, period.

  3. Dont buy any music only listen to radio. Stop going to concerts. These people are musicians not Heros. They do not deserve the millions people give them. Musicians and artists have never done anything for you. Focus on geting your life in order, and do not purchase music, movies, or any garbage media junk. Your life is more important than these phonys getting your hard earned money because they can jack off a microphone, a guitar, a movie camera, or a paint brush. They are losers and they need to get real jobs doing something important to better humanity not play with it.

  4. and what sir do you do for a living? Something important to better humanity one would assume

  5. Art is not valuable eh genius? Idiot. loser. Garbage collector. Get out of your mothers basement and find a job yourself.

  6. Here’s the thing, you have absolutely no clue what goes into forming, maintaining, and growing a band, nor do you have any clue of how little the musicians actually make from their music. megastars are not common. the music industry takes talent, dedication, drive, ambition, and vision, and it is far more difficult to make a career in the music industry than it is to “get a real job.” It isn’t simply getting together, playing instruments, and collecting fat paychecks. It’s hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc of working, and striving towards a goal, knowing that the odds are not in your favor. then if you are hardworking, and fortunate enough to get signed, the labels take you for all you’ve got, and the creator, the musician, is the LAST person to see a dime. recording fees are paid back to the label at a fraction of the price of an album, and the company has to be paid back in-full before the artist gets payed. so basically musicians end up doing a lot of hard for “exposure” and little else. An artist has to sell millions upon millions of records, many times over to be successful, so the real money comes from being an entrepreneur. building a business. it’s a lot more difficult, (and potentially fulfilling) than any “real Job.” I would pose this question to you, If musicians dont deserve what they get paid for the hard work that they put in creating a product, and promoting it, and performing to support it, then the converse can be said for every other industry ever. who is deserving of pay for working hard??? are you familiar with supply and demand? kinda fuels the economy. if i made a product, and millions of people bought it, and i made a lot of money from that product, i guess i just don’t deserve it according to your logic. please respond, I would love to read what you attempt to write.

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