Why People Like Other Streaming Services More than Apple Music

image from blogs.technet.comWith the recent launch of Apple Music there is a full-on war going on on the music streaming market. Apple Music is praised for its high quality sound, artist selection and features, and it is cross platform on desktops (the Apple TV and Android release is not coming until this fall), meaning that you can listen to it wherever you are, while running, driving, playing your favorite games on http://www.europalace.com/ at any time of the day. But there are numerous reasons why people prefer its competitors already, which are strong incentives for them to opt for a different service altogether.

1. Spotify

Users who don't mind the lower quality streams occasionally interrupted by ads can go with Spotify's free, ad supported version. Besides, its music library is vast, with everything from oldies from decades ago to the latest hits, not to mention lesser known or independent artists featured in it. Not to mention that it has a special price for students – 50% off – for its premium service. Oh, and it also has an offline mode…

2. Rhapsody

Rhapsody is the music streaming service of choice for many users because of its music catalog. Of course, the competitors also have millions of songs to stream, but when it comes to less popular styles, they are lacking the edge Rhapsody has. This is one of the oldest music streaming services out there, with a considerable fan base, and it supports a huge variety of devices, from MP3 players to select car infotainment systems.

3. Songza

A service that allows its users to choose their playlists based on the activities they engage in or on their mood. The playlists are human curated. The service can recommend playlists based on the time of the day, too, and the musical taste of the user.

4. iHeart Radio

An easy to use service which is appealing to those fed up with social networks – it only needs an email address to register an account, and it doesn't insist on users linking their Facebook / Google accounts to it. Users can create their own Stations around their favorite musical styles or artists, or access a series of pre-made stations. Besides, it's an ad-supported service, with ads that are not invasive at all.

5. DI.FM

Digitally Imported (DI) has been around for over a decade, supplying its fans with the latest and greatest in electronic music. Its vast collection of streams covers an incredible variety of styles, from vocal chillout to Russian club hits (!) and its sister channels do the same with instrumental, rock and jazz varieties, not leaving out genres like Latin house, Salsa Dura, electric tango and zarzuela, to mention just a few. It's ad supported, but its premium service with a higher bitrate is cheaper than most of its competitors.

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