3 Sure Fire Ways Musicians Win On Instagram

1Cultivating a large following on Instagram as a musician can be difficult, so here are three useful tips for creatively engaging with your audience in a way that will keep them interested in both you and your music.


Guest Post by Florian Richling of Original Egg

I talked to a befriended songwriter the other day, exchanging thoughts on the process of studio-work, collaborative songwriting and, next to songs and lyrics, the creation of high quality social media content.

He was dazzled by the sheer amount of stuff out there, and had basically resigned from building his own Instagram portfolio. Why? Let me quote him on this one: “Who is interested in a guy and guitar, if you check out girls and goofy stuff that makes you laugh?”

Simple – because your average Instagram user isn’t the kind of person that lays down track after track in a creative studio atmosphere. There is a world of inspiration surrounding the process of making music – and people are craving to see it. You just have find the right things to show.

So here are 3 ways every musician will win Instagram

1) Be a friendly Gearslut

Everyone knows the feeling of unpacking a new, beautiful piece of gear – or rediscovering something we haven’t used for a long time. Usually, you would make a pic of the object and share it with some friends from the music scene. For instagram – try showing some face. Don’t just upload an impersonal image of your instrument or tool, frame it like you feel it. Show some emotion, show some face.


2) Tease till they drop

The Instagram video feature lets you push new song ideas and layouts out there – just long enough to tease the idea. So use it. Ask a friend to film your playing, and don’t be too uptight about it. Even if music is the most important thing in your life, remember: most people on Instagram are only there to be entertained. So unleash the inner performer – if not you, who else could?

3) Show some love if you’re into harmony

Instagram is all about showing some interest, letting others know that they’re on your radar. One of the best ways is actually digging into some profiles, while finding things you like and “hearting” them to show some appreciation. Often users with a manageable amount of followers are those that will actually respond to your action most noticeably. Maybe even like and follow you.

I hope this article could show you how easy the development and interaction on Instagram can be. Think of it as a little window to the world – don’t stress it, and something awesome is bound to happen.

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