6 Ways To Keep Your Foot In The Door [Kosha Dillz]

Chasing7For an artist, becoming established and maintaining a position in the music industry are two very different things, but the practices for achieving the two goals are very similar in many respects, particularly when it comes to interacting with others in the same field.


Guest Post by Kosha Dillz

I always think to myself late at night how people can get their foot in the door into the  music world. People have been asking me at my merch booth how I started, and I am doing lots of interviews like this too! Here are 6 things to do as an upcoming artist who is trying to get to the next level. It is something I see all the time, but realize that the way to get your foot in the door, is the same way you "keep" your foot in the door!

1. Go Support Other Artists

There is nothing wrong with showing love to your fellow artist. I retweeted a friend the other day and they were surprised, but why I wouldn't I? I support them! Go to the front of the show, help them sell CDs and assist. In the rock world, I see big artists selling their friends music just because they are in the place to be…

2. Help the Next Person With Something Tedious 

Help someone else carry something or hold open the door. Today I saw someone's cart falling over left and right. I wanted to do the right thing and help, so I took time to put his stuff back on the cart.Why? Because it is the right thing to do. If there is anything I learned on the tour I am on, it is to go "out of your way" to help another person. Lending a hand is given, but will you go out of your way?

3. Bring “Value” to Anything You May Want 

I thought to myself the other day about wanting things from certain people. Anything or anybody I want something from, I feel uncomfortable around. Why is it? Because I have nothing to offer and only want. If you want to be valued in music, you should totally offer something. At warped tour, it is very nice to be giving, rather than wanting and taking. I help people clean up, recycle, push their carts and give stuff away. Its good karma!  When people ask how I got on warped tour, the never tell them I don't do jack, because I do as much as I can, and I know tomorrow I can always do more. When I bring value to relationships, people ask me to do things with them that I used to only dream about doing.

4. Go To Sleep Early and Exercise

I think all musicians should treat their job like real life for other people. I just have a strong connection with waking up early to success in your endeavors. You need to be on the same schedule as the world and operate within it if you want to have success in it. Exercising and sleeping well make you look and feel the part in stepping up to crush the game in song writing, booking tours, performing, and more.

5. Make Friends With the Weirdos. Don't Discriminate

I saw myself running around and trying to schmooze with the popular kids, but what about the other people? You never know with the world of music and touring, and you never know about who knows who in this world. Just because one group which is death metal isn't like your music, don't exclude yourself. Sometimes people from two different worlds may make the best team. I have been "hangin' out" with the lead singer from August Burns Red and now we are sharing each other's music to two totally different worlds. Awkward collab? YES. Great connection? YES. The Results? Who knows!?

But don’t think about results, think about the experience and the relationship!


6. Connection Not What You Expected?


Kosha Dillz is one of 4 rappers that performed on Vans Warped Tour this entire summer. At his hometown show, he brought his mother on stage to dance and sold the most merchandise in his entire career. He is currently in talks with his mother about coming out of retirement to join him full time as the first ever back up dancer mother (not back up mother.) You can follow him on twitter (@koshadillz) and instagram (@koshadillz) or even e-mail him (rapperfriends@gmail.com) to make a custom rap song for your company,  DIY consultation, and life advice!

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