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China Bans 120 “Immoral” Songs About Farting And Not Wanting To Go To School

image from 2.bp.blogspot.comChina's Ministry of Culture  yesterday released a blacklist of 120 songs that  it says "trumpeted obscenity, violence, crime or harmed social morality" and ordered web sites to take them down.

chinaIncluded in a new ban by the Chinese Government are 120  songs like "Beijing Hooligans", "Don't Want to Go to School" and "Suicide Diary," which authorities say have "severely problematic content." Songs by household names in China including Chang Csun Yuk and Stanley Huang were also on the list.

5 tracks by the Taiwanese singer Chang Csun Yuk made the list, including 'I love Taiwanese Girls', with the line “I don’t like Chinese women, I love Taiwanese girls”, and 'Fart', which includes “There are some people in the world who like farting while doing nothing,” reports The Guardian.

"No unit or individual is allowed to provide [these songs]," said the statement which also promised severe punishment for failing to comply, according to official Chinese news agency Xinhua.

The ministry says it will update the list regularly.

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