Dee Snider Of Twisted Sister’s Metadata Mishap

DeeSniderWhile making music readily available for digital download is an easy process, it is important that artists take the time to include metadata relating to the music in order to maintain a professional image. 


Guest Post by Michael Brandvold on MichaelBrandvold.com

I have written about this before and that it still happens just amazes me. The fact that this happens with artists who have successful careers and have been in the industry for many years and most likely even have a few people on their team helping them is just beyond belief.

If you release music, for free or pay, and you do not add all the proper meta data to the audio file you should be slapped. You deserve to be called out. I recently download a brand new single from Dee Snider, lead singer of Twisted Sister, and when I imported it into my iTunes I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Dee Snider Missing Meta Tags

Absolutely no meta data! No artist name. No album name. No genre. No year. No artwork. All that was included was the song name and even that was a mess.

Dee Snider did you even bother to look at your own mp3 file? Did your manager? Did your assistant? Did anyone? The answer has to be no otherwise you wouldn’t have released a song like this. Apparently nobody cared. It takes all of one minute to update this information. Dee you look like a complete amateur by doing this. If you weren’t responsible for creating this file then you should fire who ever was responsible. You are a professional, present yourself like one.

People listen up!!! Download and import your own music. See what it looks like.

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  1. I realize everyone has their pet peeves, but getting this worked up over something so trivial is pretty sad.

  2. If you have a large music library metadata is very important. How the hell are you ever going to find anything if it’s not their? I agree with Michael, the music industry needs to step it up.

  3. Music metadata is extremely important for transparency and fairness in a healthy music industry. Steps are being taken to standardize metadata across the labels and other data providers. We definitely have a long way to go, but it’s a good thing that people are starting to notice how important it is as a consumer.

  4. To be fair, I doubt Dee, or almost any other musician who is not self produced/self contained, has a hand in their music once they have recorded & mixed it. While I agree that the metadata is important, you should direct your contempt towards Snyder’s record label people. That’s what they are there for, to take care of the details. They are the ones who dropped the ball.

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