How To: Be Your Own Promoter

T5audience1Looking to put on a concert but a want to avoid an empty venue with no sound engineer? Check out this week's article detailing the ins and outs of good self promotion.

Many aspects of being a DIY artist are challenging, but effective self-promotion is perhaps the most difficult of all. This article by Paul Williamson on MusicThinkTank offers concise, comprehensive, advice on how to organize and promote an event or show from start to finish in eight useful steps, beginning with the when and where and concluding with an overview of the gig itself.

"Make a list of venues that you would want the gig to take place at. Depending on availability, hire fee, and whether they will let you put on a show there, you need to have options to progress forward, particularly when things don’t go forward with the venue you initially choose.

You also need to find out the contact details for the relevant person at the venue. This person can be anyone from a Landlord, to a Venue Manager/Assistant, or even the Council for some venues. The best way to find these details is by phoning up, checking their websites, and emails. My advice is phoning up since getting a reply can sometimes be like drawing blood from a stone!"

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