How To Market Music To Millennials

Copy of Podcast Logo [Netflix Red Cloud] (1)In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk with MaryLeigh Bliss, who is a Trends Editor and Strategic Consultant at Ypulse, a youth market research firm. We talk to Bliss about the millennial generation. Who are they? How do they listen to, discover and interact with music? How should indie artists and music companies market to them?

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Kyle Bylin is a user researcher at SoundHound Inc. and author of Promised Land: Youth Culture, Disruptive Startups, and the Social Music Revolution.


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  1. There was a lot of truth into Millennials insights with the exception that a music artist does have to prove themselves. Nobody wants a one hit wonder. Most of us and I have to include myself into us because I’m a millennial are entitled. Many feel they deserve free music. Even I was like that until I came across a music artist through anime that changed my life—TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. So even millennials can find the type of music artists they will pay for. These musicians will have to have extraordinary music though. Once there, it is possible for music companies to make money off millennials.
    The only thing music companies should make sure to do is release very attractive physical music releases. Ones that are not just regular edition CD releases with standard jewel cases but nice Limited Edition releases too. These can further entice Millennials to buy. We are not cheap. We will buy if the quality calls for it.
    Great podcast, everyone!

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