Human Music Interaction [ANDREW DUBBER]

Feed-your-brain-musicCurious about the interactions between humans, technology, and music? Read this article to learn more about a new school of research concerning Human Music Interaction.


A new field of study is being developed which involves a combination of computer science, cultural studies, and psychology, as well as many other disciplines, and examines the point of connection between technology and music as a human activity. This article by Andrew Dubber on MusicThinkTank looks at this new field of study and how it connects to other schools of research, as well as to the music industry itself.

"What Human Music Interaction (HMI) investigates is the notion that music is a human activity that operates at the point of connection with technologies – and that those technologies are themselves human creations. Marshall McLuhan said “We shape our tools and they, in turn, shape us” – and people tend to read quite a bit of technological determinism into that line, but they’re overlooking the first part of that provocation: WE shape our tools."

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