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We Need Your Vote To Help Hypebot Co-Host An Official SXSW Music Tech Meetup

SXSWSXSW continues to strengthen the convergence of music and tech, and Hypebot is joining with music tech PR firm rock paper scissors to propose an official meetup during the day.
We Need Your Vote!


Sure, there will be a handful of sponsored parties and events focussed on music tech, but this one is specifically designed to ensure that everyone interested in this convergence can meet, talk, and network productively.
As an official meetup, you won't need to worry about additional RSVPs or standing in lines or yelling over music to get business done. We will not be pushing an agenda or endorsing a product, nor will we be selling anything. Everyone in the room will be on equal footing.
There is one catch: we need your votes before September 4, 2015 to make it happen. We have proposed the meetup for both SXSW Music and SXSW interactive. Here are the links to vote for
Music Tech Meetup at SXSW Music:
Music Tech Meetup at SXSW Interactive:
In addition, rock paper scissors is offering a workshop to give away tricks of the trade on PR for music tech startups with this session:  Your Music Startup Sucks… Just Kidding, Get PR! Vote here:
We will see you there… if you vote today!


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