INTERNS WANTED: Hypebot, Skyline Music Agency, Artist Marketing

InternWantedSeveral virtual internships – location is not a problem – are available at Hypebot, MusicThinkTank and our sister company, booking agency Skyline Music. These are unpaid positions with flexible hours.  We can usually meet the requirements needed for college credit, and an internship can be created to suite your goals and interests.

HYPEBOT – These internships can include research, comment curation and writing  for Hypebot.com and our sister consumer blog MusicThinkTank.

SKYLINE MUSIC – If being an agent for live talent interests you, you can get first hand experience working with this team of agents and their diverse roster.  

MUSIC MARKETING  – Explore the rapidly evolving world of music promotion on behalf of select Skyline Music artists including social media, digital marketing and more.

PLAYLISTS & PLAYLIST MARKETING – Do you love discovering and sharing music? These internships will create playlists and market them on streaming music services, as well as, market our artists to other streaming playlists. 

DESIGN YOUR OWN INTERNSHIP – You see what we do.  What would you like to explore and learn?  We want to help you explore your ideas.

Please contact us with your interests and background here

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  1. Disgusting hypocrisy. UNPAID interns?
    We are trying to turn the music industry around, aren’t we, so that decent people can make a living again in it?
    Pay your interns or take out your ow trash, please.

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