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One Direction’s New Single “Drag Me Down” Breaks Multiple Spotify Records

image from img2.wikia.nocookie.netSpotify shared this morning that One Direction's new single "Drag Me Down" set a number of new streaming records on Spotify when it was release on Friday 31st July, including:

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  • "Drag Me Down" broke the record for the greatest number of streams over one day on Spotify, upon its release on Friday 31st July. It was streamed more than 4.75m times globally on Friday, smashing the record previously set by Wiz Khalifa with See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth), which saw 4.26m streams on April 17th (which it achieved during its fifth week of release)
  • "Drag Me Down" went straight to the top of the Spotify Global Chart on its first day of release, the first track ever to achieve this in Spotify history. (The previous fastest track to hit number 1 was Calvin Harris' blame, which hit number 1 after 2 days)
  • Number 1 in 15 countries worldwide on its first day*
  • Almost 1.2m One Direction fans worldwide listened to Drag Me Down on its first day on Spotify 

*Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, US

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