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Hypebot’s Latest Music Tech Meetups A Massive Success

IMG_1556Last week, Hypebot hosted a third hugely successful San Francisco Music and Tech Meetup. We saw many familiar faces from previous events and we also met a lot of new people. Thank you to everyone who came out to Upcider to chat and network!


We had great conversations with Chris Wiltsee (Bandpage), Tom Murphy (The Recording Academy), Cory Zechmann (TuneIn), and Michele Tharp (VuHaus).


Many thanks to Upcider for allowing us to host the event at their bar. They served everyone craft beer, delicious cider, and great food with very little wait time.


We're looking forward to hosting another San Francisco Music and Tech Meetup in the coming months. We have also hosted meetups in NYC, LA, and Chicago.


New York City

Last month, a group of NYC's brightest music and tech minds met for drinks at Passenger Bar in Williamsburg. For three hours, the bar was awash in chatter about the latest apps, the most interesting business trends, and the best bands we've seen and heard lately. Since the meetup was such a huge success, we're planning to expand and do it on a regular basis.


We chatted with Remote Control, who are working on making the touring space easier and more affordable for artists; Justin Zupnick from music ad solutions provider F Sharp; and superstar publicist Laurie Jacobsen.


Thank you to long-time Hypebot friends Cortney Harding (Music Biz Podcast) and Matt Voyno (New Rockstar Philosophy) for hosting the event.

Stay tuned to Hypebot for more event announcements!

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