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SFXE Stock Fell Another 9.5% Wednesday, Analyst Predicts Bankruptcy

image from[UPDATED] The battered stock of promoter and EDM culture hub SFX Entertainment (SFXE) fell another 9.5% on Wednesday, closing at $1.04. Yesterday, Wall Street's Seeking Alpha said that SFX was running out of cash and likely headed to bankruptcy.

In stark terms, Seeking Alpha summarized the plight of SFXE. 

  • SFXE shares are down over 70% since we published on the stock.
  • We believe there is still another 100% decline to go.
  • SFXE is quickly running out of cash and liquidity.
  • Ticket sales and festival popularity appear to be in decline.
  • We believe bankruptcy is next.

SFXE stock began its latest dramatic decline on Friday, after CEO Sillerman missed a Thursday deadline to finance a stock buyback, and continued on Monday and Tuesday. 

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  1. Sillerman never indended to take SFX private and pretended to be interested to advertise the sale of the company. If he were to leave, his termination fee would be paid in stock only, so his only motive was to have the highest stock price at his departure. Further as evidence, he never secured the financial commitments requested by the board to approve the sale. Beatport has likely been trash for sometime now. He licensed the Beatport catalog to Spotify and received a 10mm cash advance, now burned. The company likely has an increased litigious risk as well. BK.

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