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Take Note Pandora, Spotify, Apple: iHeart Radio Just Launched A Chrome Extension

image from www.brandsoftheworld.comIf ease of use is what ultimately wins the streaming music race, iHeartRadio just pulled ahead with the addition of an extension for Google's Chrome browser that lets you multitask and control your listening without having to navigate away from what’s on your screen.  

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While there are third party extensions that offer limited features, there are no official chrome extensions for Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or any other streaming music service.  

The extension is built into Chrome’s user toolbar and offer quick access to player functions including skip, thumbs up/down, favorites, scan and shows what’s playing in a compact widget that can be docked anywhere on your screen. 

A snooze feature (represented by “Zzz”) allows you to pause your stations to answer your phone or talk to a coworker, then automatically resumes playing after a few minutes.

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