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We Launch Our New Music Tech Startup Column THE PITCH With “Artist Accelerator App” Tradiio

The pitchToday we're launching a regular new feature THE PITCH.  In it, we ask promising music tech startups to "pitch" their product or service to the Hypebot community in 100 words or less.  Today we start this ongoing series with "artist accelerator" app Tradiio.

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Tradiio ( is a music app that works as an artist accelerator, providing artists with opportunities such as radio play, festival bookings and even label deals. 
The app's users are constantly scouting for the best artists. The artists that get the most support are connected with key music industry opportunities. Users who have a keen ear for spotting talent earn vouchers, tickets and the chance to connect with the artists via private Skype calls.
On Tradiio, 97% of the songs uploaded have been listened to more than once. Over 100 artists have already been rewarded.

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  1. We love this, Tradiio team! Our platform’s high-level vision is “bring true patronage back to the music industry”, so we’re right there with ya! Will be introducing ourselves soon. 🙂 -Landon

  2. Glad to see the industry moving in the right direction i.e. focus on artists and specifically new artists who create content everyday and are willing to share with fans all around the world.

  3. Change is needed Nic! We’re doing everything we can to help tomorrow’s big artists take the steps they need to build their careers. Have you downloaded Tradiio yet? What do you think of the platform itself? Any artists you’re digging in particular?

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