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THE PITCH: Busker - Helping Fans Support Musicians

134454399-buskerlogo[UPDATED] Our ongoing early stage startup series, The PITCH, today gives Busker -  "a platform designed to facilitate the direct financial support of musicians" - its chance in 100 words or less to tell you why you should pay attention. 


134454399-buskerlogoBusker is a platform designed to facilitate the direct financial support of musicians by their fans, friends and family. At its core, it's the online version of the street performer with an open guitar case asking for tips. Busker recognizes that in today's landscape many musicians are already giving away their music for free and performing for little to no money, but grateful fans need an outlet to show their appreciation. So why not open up that case online?

Additionally, Busker artists can sell merchandise on a pay what you want scale so fans can get something in return if they desire. Sign up is free and all you have to do is go out and maximize your value as an artist.

Check out the site at