Experiencing The Ryan Adams Bump: From Almost 0 To 685,000 Miles Per Hour

1How much is a celebrity tweet worth? Recently, an up-and-coming artist was lucky enough to have Ryan Adams tweet about his music to 685,000 followers, with the result that he gained quite a bit of online attention. The exact impact of said tweet is quantified in this article. 


Guest Post by Christopher Ford on Reddit

UPDATE: I've posted the effects of the Reddit hammer in a new post. Click here.

I make music as Christopher the Conquered. Just over 1 week ago, Ryan Adams tweeted a photo of my new album (unreleased, it doesn't come out until next year) with the text: "You guys @ctconquered is the real deal. This record is blowing my mind!!!" Here's a link: https://twitter.com/TheRyanAdams/status/627930152379351040

He also posted it on Instagram with: "This is a crazy and incredible record. Holy shit. Congrats @ctconquered" Here's that link: https://instagram.com/p/55LLUtTDBl/

First of all, I need to say I am very thankful to Ryan for sharing my music. There's nothing in it for him, so it's just very sweet of him. So thank you, Ryan!

I have never met Ryan Adams. I played a show opening for the wonderful Natalie Prass and gave her an advance copy of the cd. It seems to have made its way from Iowa (where I live) to Los Angeles, where Ryan lives. Therefore, I owe Natalie a thank you, as well!

Obviously, I was very surprised to see these posts, and after overcoming the initial shock, it occurred to me that I should try to quantify the effect of these posts. We'll call it the "Ryan Adams bump". 🙂

So, 1 week later, what's happened? Well, I'm not playing on the late night circuit or anything like that, but I did get a lot of interest in my music. Here's how the last week has played out:

  • Website Page Views – 2489 Views
  • Youtube Videos: 1653 New Views
  • Soundcloud: Single from Album – 572 Plays
  • Facebook: 82 New Likes
  • Instagram: 40 New Followers
  • Twitter: 31 New Followers
  • Spotify: 28 New Followers
  • Email Newsletter: 12 Signups
  • Internet Sales (Not including iTunes, Spotify, etc. – that takes a while to get those numbers): $86

I took a look at the analytics for what I could above (website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and for the rest I can basically speak anecdotally.

  • My website was averaging about 30 page views a day before the posts. The day of the post, I got 999 page views. It's been dropping exponentially since then, about to be back to it's "normal" state. We'll see if the overall average ups a little.

  • YouTube videos saw a 701% growth over the previous week! Whoa.

  • The single off the album on Soundcloud had pretty much tapered off after its release in April around 900 plays, get a couple a day since the mid-June. It had 950 plays right when Ryan posted, that jumped up to 1572 within one week.

  • Facebook was a 179% growth in likes from the previous week. Not bad.

  • Instagram is hard to tell, definitely a jump in follows, though!

  • Twitter analytics, interestingly, say that my increase was in line with growth since the beginning of July…I did play a big festival then…I would've expected a noticeable bump here.

  • Spotify followers had definitely tapered off, so that was a noticeable boost! Now that I have over 250 followers though, I can verify my artist profile and get analytics on that…not sure if I'll be able to look back at this time period though.

  • I had zero email signups and zero internet sales the week before this, and honestly, my weekly averages had been close to zero for a while. So definitely a bump there. It'll be interesting to see how revenues from digital music outlets are affected.

Now I did get two other pieces of press in this week, one on Noisey.Vice.com and one on PureVolume.com (a new music video). So it's not clear that all of the increases are due strictly to the "Ryan Adams bump", but undoubtedly he gave me a lot of momentum. And experience tells me that those other press bits wouldn't amount to much.

What I'm curious about is if these numbers could be extrapolated to predict the effect of being personally advocated for by a celebrity? Taylor Swift (whose album 1989 Ryan Adams is currently creating a cover version of in the style of The Smiths) has 100 times the number of Twitter followers that Ryan does. Would it be reasonable to expect that if she posted about my music, I would see 100 times the above numbers in impact?


Anyone else have experience with having your music posted by people with loads of followers?

Anyway, thanks again to Ryan Adams, and if you want to hear the title track from the album he is touting, you can here: http://www.christophertheconquered.com/im-giving-up-on-rock-roll-single-2015/


Due to popular request, pre-orders are now available! Much love: http://www.christophertheconquered.com/store/pre-order-im-giving-up-on-rock-roll

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