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13 Great Apps For Touring Musicians

Tour06-truckBefore loading up the van and hitting the road, here are a few apps to consider downloading that can help to make the whole process of DIY touring both easier and more entertaining.


image from a0.typepad.comFor a band that's just starting out, touring means long periods of time in cramped spaces with the same people day after day. It's a recipe for stress and boredom, but there are quite a few apps out there that can help to make the process of driving, playing shows, and selling merch that much easier and more streamlined. Razz Palumbi compiled a list of such apps for MusicThinkTank, from obvious ones such as Bandsintown and Square to the less well known like Set List Keeper and RhymeZone. 

"Gas Buddy: Gas Buddy is by far the most useful app in this whole list. Just tap on the big circle labeled “find gas near me” and poof!  – a list of all the prices in your area. Use the map function while driving to find the cheapest stops along your route. This will save so much money your head will spin!"

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